Mgr. Jitka Ludvíčková

Occupational Therapist

Jitka is a graduated occupational therapist from 1. Medical Faculty of Charles University and the University of Northampton, UK.

She specializes in eating disorders in children and is a graduate of the SOS Approach to Feeding course, led by American experts in this field.

In her occupational therapy practice, she emphasizes on guiding children to self-sufficiency and quality of life.

Its main mission is to help parents address not only “what” to give their children to eat, but more importantly “how” to do it effectively and sensitively.

Her work focuses not only on the theoretical aspects of nutrition, but mainly on practical strategies to overcome food refusal in children and help them on their way to an independent and healthy lifestyle.


  • University of Northampton (United Kingdom)
    Area Advanced Professional Practice in Occupational Therapy, Mgr. study
  • Charles University, 1. Faculty of Medicine, Charles University in Prague
    Field of occupational therapy, Bc. study


  • SOS (sequential-oral-sensory) approach to feeding
  • Helping children transition from the probe
  • Feeding children with severe developmental disorders
  • Child with gastroesophageal reflux
  • Feeding children 6 to 16 months
  • Feeding a child on the autism spectrum
  • Sensory integration
  • Lactation consultant course

Current location

Founder and therapist at The Eating School

Why she joined the project

In practice, Jitka often meets parents who are dealing with various problems of their children, sometimes unnecessarily complicated, sometimes common and everyday.

What most parents have in common, however, is the difficulty in finding reliable and professional information. Although the internet is full of advice and tutorials, finding a quality and trustworthy source is a challenge.

This contradiction between the overload of information and its reliability inspired Jitka to create this unique project. Its aim is to offer parents one central place where they can find expert and easy-to-understand advice to help them address specific problems, prevention and preparation.

Interests and points of interest

Jitka is lucky enough to be able to call her work a hobby. However, apart from work, he enjoys travelling all over Europe, but especially to the Greek island of Thassos, where he has been going every year for more than 20 years.

Music is her constant companion – she enjoys both live concerts and especially just listening to music through headphones during her daily walks.

Perhaps her greatest passion is reading. With her ability to read at a fast pace, it’s no problem to catch up on an entire book in an evening, and her library grows significantly each year.

Favourite food

Greek cuisine, especially directly from GREEK cuisine