The Argus

dog therapist

Argi is a canister therapy dog with a heart full of love for children. His therapeutic methods? Well, let’s just say they’re a little… snotty. But so what if they are also clearly the funniest! Argi is not just an ordinary dog. He has special training that predisposes him to work with children, and his approach is always tailored to their needs.

And Argi knows a lot about needs, especially when it comes to food. After a not-so-successful operation, he has to follow a strict diet, so he has become a master at empathy for small non-eaters. Who better to understand a child’s eating challenges than a dog who has to resist temptation himself? So Argi is not only a therapist, but also a friend who understands how hard it can be to have food restrictions. His therapy? Laughter, games and endless amounts of slobbery but sincere caresses.

Current location

Therapist in the School of Papani

Favourite food

Definitely anything that isn’t his 🙂