Mgr. Stepanka Philippová

Clinical speech therapist

Štěpánka is a certified clinical speech therapist with the highest possible grade K3. Within the Thomayer University Hospital, he focuses on dysphagia (swallowing disorder), its diagnosis and therapy in children and adults, neurodegenerative and developmental disorders in children and adults with an impact on speech and language. He is also an NVS therapist, certified JIAS and BI therapist.

She was educated in the areas of developmental defects and acquired disorders impacting speech motor skills, hearing, swallowing and food intake, as well as neurogenic disorders. He works at the Thomayer University Hospital in various clinics, mainly in adult and paediatric neurology, rehabilitation and paediatrics. She is a member of several professional and professional organizations, including the AKL.


She has graduated and is continuously educating herself in the areas of:

  • developmental disorders in children with impact on speech and language – delayed speech development, developmental dysphasia, autism spectrum disorders, stuttering, AKL courses, NVS – neurodevelopmental stimulation (Cortex academy), certified JIAS courses (Johansen individualized auditory stimulation),
  • congenital developmental defects and acquired disorders with implications in the field of speech motor skills (certified course Oral Position Therapy, courses in dysarthria, dyslalia, cerebral palsy, cleft defects, certified course BI – Bilateral Integration and others),
  • developmental defects and acquired disorders affecting hearing (certified course JIAS – Johansen Individualized Auditory Stimulation),
  • Swallowing and eating disorders in children and adults (certified course Swallowing Disorders, courses of objective swallowing examinations – FEES (Flexible endoscopic evaluation of swallowing) and VFS (videofluoroscopy), other courses with the given issue within the AKL, School of Swallowing, Bite,
  • neurogenic diseases affecting speech and language (courses on aphasia and dysarthria in adults),
  • music therapy and musicophilia organized by the Czech Music Therapy Association and the Czech Orff Society,
  • completes group supervision for therapists.

She cooperates and is a member of professional and professional interest organizations:

  • AKL – Association of Clinical Speech-Language Pathologists
  • JIAS – Association of JIAS therapists
  • BI – Association of BI therapists
  • CZMTA – Czech Music Therapy Association
  • ČOS – Czech Orff Society

Current location

Štěpánka works at the Thomayer University Hospital:

  • Department of Neurology, 3rd Faculty of Medicine, Charles University in Prague and FTN,
  • Clinic of Rehabilitation and Rheumatology, 3rd Faculty of Medicine, Charles University in Prague,
  • Pediatric Clinic 1. LF UK and FTN, neonatal consiliary department. with the ICU, section. pediatric neurology, and other departments.

Štěpánka also cooperates with the Avare Centre – diagnosis and therapy of learning, behavioural, concentration and educational disorders (training centre for INPP, bilateral integration, JIAS).

Why she joined the project

Štěpánka joined the project because she was impressed by its comprehensive view on eating and the collaboration of the multidisciplinary team. Nothing like this exists in the Czech Republic yet and it is sorely lacking. Her experience in the paediatric clinic, where she encountered children with eating problems, led her to meet Jitka Ludvíčková and participate in her training. She appreciated Jitka’s conscientious and responsible approach and expertise, which convinced her of her competence and led to mutual cooperation. Štěpánka considers the project a right and necessary initiative that can help many children and parents.

Interests and points of interest

Štěpánka loves her husband, mountains and children. Both their own and others’. Štěpánka is lucky that her work is also her hobby.

Favourite food

Stephanie loves strudel… and also breadsticks 🙂